Barbell Etiquette

1. Some of you need to harden up on the assault bike! Yea I get it you’re too small or too light etc, well suck it up! Sometimes you just gotta make things uncomfortable! I know plenty of little shits who crush the assault bike. If they can so can you! Go harder.

2. You may or may not have noticed that we’ve got dumbbells and 10# plates breaking at an alarming rate 🚨🚨. 
This is where we need your help! Please people do not drop dumbbells or barbells with just 10s on each side

For your reference I have a nifty barbell etiquette sheet attached for you guys to review just as a little refresher! Let me know you reviewed it by ranking this past weeks episode of game of thrones out of 10 in the comment section. I’ll go first 2.1.

Mateo LopezComment