velocity based training vs % based training

What’s up party people! We’ve officially got our strength cycle in full swing and I’m jacked to the gills about it! And you should be too. We’ve got some great stuff planned for you! 

My main man Dr. Collin C. Popp shared with me a post today via Instagram which was awesome because it’s right in line with what we continuously preach and with what we have in store for you in the coming weeks. 

It’s about velocity based training vs % based training and how the study showed velocity based was just as good or better in some cases! While admittedly there isn’t a great deal of research on velocity based training - the research that does exist proves that it works. Some may say it even works better than straight heavy training! 

This is right in line with what we did yesterday, speed squats, with the focus of moving the barbell as quickly as possible. 

These speed squats were based off a very low %. Now this is where the important stuff comes in. The coaches will always tell you guys that any % you see written on the board is always a suggestion. It’s not gospel. This is because due to factors we cannot control %s that are supposed to feel relatively light (let’s say 75%) may feel closer to 85% some days. This is where you need to be aware of your body. If you feel like you’re not moving that well or the weight feels heavy AF keep it low and work on speed and technique. That is never a bad option! 

This is going to be especially important over these next 7 weeks! Use the %s as guidelines and if you can stick to them, great! If not keep the weight a bit lighter and move with the proper intent! 

This is what my boi Collin sent me

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 3.54.26 PM.png
Mateo Lopez