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“Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.”
— –Amit Ray


At Hudson River Athletics, we believe both strength training and yoga are essential for a strong, connected mind, body, and spirit. We also believe that transformation comes from within. 

Our yoga program is based in Vinyasa power yoga with an appreciation for functional, deliberate stretch sequences. Each yoga class contains muscle action drills to stretch and strengthen specific muscle groups as you flow through a challenging sequence of poses designed for you to work up to the peak pose of the day - arm balances, inversions, backbends, etc. Through smart sequences and repetition, you will learn to master these yoga poses and feel the physical effects of yoga calm your mind and ignite your spirit.

Our yoga class programming and peak pose selection is also specifically designed to compliment the strength training and CrossFit programming at the Riv. While you get stronger in the gym with movements like pull-ups, power cleans, and front squats, our yoga program will compliment your training with hip openers, backbends, and twists to help balance your body. 

Classes are Open Level and all members are welcome. 

Check here for full yoga schedule.

rpm circle.png
Everything is inside. We just give you the keys to rev the engine.


RPM is the Riv’s unique spin on HIIT or bootcamp style class. This constantly varied workout combines cardiovascular movements like running, rowing and biking with high-intensity movements utilizing dumbbells, kettlebells and other fitness tools, giving you a solid 45 minutes of non-stop action. 

Transform into the best version of yourself through programming made for total body strength and conditioning. From circuit stations to tabata drills that include everything from rowing to push ups, gymnastics movements and weightlifting (no barbells), you will get a heart pumping, perfectly balanced workout every time. 

RPM movements are highly scalable and cater to your own fitness level. All members are welcome.

RPM is free to all this summer while we test out the schedule. Check here for schedule and to sign up!