This is what Memorial Day is about

Whats up people it’s Memorial Day Weekend and that means “Murph” is right around the corner! This workout is one that is challenging mentally and physically. Every year I hear and see people freaking out about it and I’m here to tell you not to! 

At the end of the day it’s another workout. Maybe it’s a bit longer than others that we typically do but you will finish it. 

First though be honest with yourself. Don’t wear a weight vest if you damn well know you shouldn’t be. Don’t do this workout straight through if you know you shouldn’t be, instead break it into manageable sets. 20 rounds of Cindy (5 pull ups 10 push ups 15 squats) this is much more doable than 100 200 and 300 reps straight through, and you will still get a great workout I promise. 

Other than that when you wanna quit remember why we do “Murph” in the first place. We are honoring an American hero! When you feel like it’s getting too hard remember what Michael Murphy did. 

This is what Memorial Day is about, sure the beers, burgers and ... hotdogs (for you disgusting people) are fun but this day is meant for remembering those who sacrificed their lives for America! This is our tribute to them!

So have fun, work hard and be thankful! 

Here are some “Murph” tips

Mateo Lopez