June Member of the Month

Say hi to June’s MOM, Jason Leonard. Check out what to he has to say about how Hudson River Athletics has impacted his life. It was an intense interview so hold your horses. 

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit? 

It's great coming in everyday to a new challenge and it's even better being surrounded by people who push you to be better. CrossFit provides everything I miss about swimming competitively, but in a more entertaining format. 

What differences have you seen in your body, and health since starting at The Riv?

The first couple months at The Riv were really great at highlighting areas of just straight weak sauce. More than anything I think the biggest change for me has been in my confidence during workouts requiring more skilled movements. It's been fun having some of the pieces fall into place. 

Does CrossFit carry over in any way to your personal life?

For sure. More in the sense that The Riv has some really great people that I'm happy to now call friends. 

What has been your favorite moment at The Riv and what has it meant to you?

Being able to participate in Murph this year with everyone was definitely a highlight. It's inspiring to see people work hard for something bigger than themselves. 

Oh, and getting my first ring MU was pretty sweet!

Mateo Lopez