Fundamentals is a mandatory 6-week program including 4 one-on-one sessions for all new beginner members designed to prepare you to get “Riv Strong.” 

This means that you will not only learn how to perform the movements we do in our daily workouts properly, with correct form and technique, but you will also define and establish your fitness goals, helping your coach create the proper prescription for your training.

You will learn about the importance of nutrition, sleep, and recovery, and gain the confidence needed to excel (and stay safe and injury-free!) once you start in the regular CrossFit group classes.

What you can expect from Fundamentals:

  • One-on-one, highly personalized, high-accountability sessions

  • Focus on common skills or strength movement, with emphasis on safety, proper form, and scaling options

  • Nutrition overview

  • Goal setting and planning, with review at the end of 6 weeks

  • InBody® scan – once on the first day and then again at the end of 6 weeks

  • Baseline test of basic Crossfit movements with a re-test after the first 2 weeks

This program is appropriate for most adults and no baseline level of fitness is required.

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